Best Multi Effects Pedal For Acoustic Guitar

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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this:

Buying the best multi effects pedal for acoustic guitar can be a challenge.

It can seem like there are hundreds or even thousands of music products to choose from but there’s nothing that fits your specific needs. Oh, we know that feeling.

Best Multi Effects Pedal For Acoustic Guitar
Best Multi Effects Pedal For Acoustic Guitar
BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal with Full Featured Sonic Maximizer
  • Built in Sonic Maximizer adds clarity, punch and definition to your Electirc Acoustic guitar or bass.
  • Three Band Active EQ with Semi-Parametric Mid Control.
  • Tunable Notch Filter for eliminating resonant spikes.

It sucks when you’ve got a budget to fit in and you want to find something that would be the best bang for the buck, but it’s impossible to narrow down the choices without spending hours (sometimes tens of hours) on research and reading the reviews on the best multi effects pedal.

We decided that it’s time for robots to do the hard work. Here’s how:

  1. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we analyzed hundreds of thousands (no kidding) of reviews from verified owners on Amazon and reputable expert sources like Consumer Reports, The Wirecutter, PCmag, and many others.
  2. Every product got its own rating in each category (like “best something for acoustic guitar”).
  3. We compiled lists of the best products in every category and created lists like the one you can see below
  4. We shared them with the public, so you guys could make informed decisions and save time.

For this article about the Best Multi Effects Pedal For Acoustic Guitar we reviewed and evaluated more than 180+ multi effects pedals. The AI (artificial) selected only those that received the top award. Only winners are listed below. You can see the highest overall rating of each item and a comprehensive breakdown of its characteristics.

Best Multi Effects Pedal For Acoustic Guitar – Comparison Table

multi effects pedal Reviews and Buying Guide

With more choices than ever, it can be hard to find the multi effects pedal that’s right for you. And it can be frustrating to shop for the best multi effects pedal for acoustic guitar, hoping to find the one that can help you. But don’t worry. With our tools and guides, we can help.

We provide consumers with the information they need to get the most out of their new purchases. We’ve discussed our favorite deals and services, and sorted out the strengths and weaknesses of each variation. We’ve even pinpointed what makes a good multi effects pedal, helping you identify and avoid the pitfalls of price gimmicks and overpriced music brands.

  • Mini format pedal 100% Analog circuitry Speed, Depth and Level controls True bypass switching Made in Japan
  • The mini-pedal market has been booming the past few years, so Ibanez felt the time was right to offer some of their most legendary pedals in new mini housing! Ibanez is proud to announce the new MINI pedal Family, including the Chorus
  • Made in Japan, the CSMINI features a smaller Depth knob and a significant larger Speed knob in the middle
  • In addition, we’ve added a smaller Level knob for versatility
  • A true bypass switch provides the shortest, most direct signal path as well as the the cleanest tone
105 Reviews
  • World-class collection of HD amps and effects
  • More power and flexibility for total creativity
  • Professional-grade, backlit footswitches for easy operation
  • The command center for your guitar rig
  • Now includes the HD Fully Loaded Amp Bundle - a $99 Value
  • Line 6 (Author)
799 Reviews
  • 75 effects
  • 14 Amp models
  • Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously
  • 100 memory locations
  • Built in Expression pedal with additional effects
346 Reviews
  • Jr size to better fit on pedal boards
  • Mono volume control
  • Taper switch for two distinctive swell rates
  • For passive signal in
340 Reviews
  • New super fast precise strobe mode with +/- 0.1 cent accuracy
  • New retina-scorchingly bright diplay
  • Improved analog circuit
126 Reviews
  • Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interfaceEight simultaneous effects categories, each with multiple effects typesDial up tones with the ease of using your favorite stompboxesIncludes a massive selection of top-quality effects, from classic BOSS stomps to the latest MDP effectsUpdated flagship-level COSM amps derived from the GT-100Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedalManual mode for stomp box-style on/off; Memory mode for switching complete patch
58 Reviews
  • Adjustable Gain for Both Passive and Active Pickups
  • 5 Band EQ with Tuneable Low-Mid and High-Mid Bands
  • Garret Null Notch Filter for Effective Feedback Control
  • Phase Inversion for Best Sound and Feedback Control.Full Chromatic Tuner with Footswitch Mute/Tune Function
  • Works with 9V battery or DC adapter
229 Reviews
  • Can be battery operated; (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)
  • 11 Amp Types
  • 5 Cabinet Types
  • 20 Studio Quality Effects
  • Built-in drum machine w/ 30 patterns
157 Reviews
  • Seven Music Genres and Twelve Song Styles Per Genre to Choose From
  • The TRIO can learn up to three different song parts that can be recalled on-the-fly
  • Adjustable Tempo & Alternate Half Time/Double Time Variants Bass & Drum Level Controls
  • Hands-Free Control Using a DigiTech FS3X Footswitch (optional)
  • Amp & Mixer Outputs Headphone Output w/Level Control Power Supply Included
10 Reviews
  • 6-b EQ Preamp Pedal f Acoustic-electric Guitar
  • with Highpass Filter Notch Filter
33 Reviews
  • A total of 58 effects ; up to 8 can be used simultaneously
  • Up to 40 seconds phrase loop with sound on sound adds more playability
  • Built-in drum machine with CD quality PCM sounds
  • Large color TFT LCD panel (160 x128), graphic interface making the overall operation easy and intuitive
  • Six AA/LR6 alkaline batteries all up to 8 hours of continuous use
59 Reviews
  • Built in Sonic Maximizer adds clarity, punch and definition to your Electirc Acoustic guitar or bass.
  • Three Band Active EQ with Semi-Parametric Mid Control.
  • Tunable Notch Filter for eliminating resonant spikes.
  • Built in XLR equipt Direct Box
  • Tuner Output
  • MFX-10 multi effects processor is with 55 models, up to 8 can be used simultaneously,19 classic amp and pedal models with A/B channel switching
  • This processor effects bult-in 12 cabinet models, 3-band passive EQ for every amp model, 20 seconds phrase loop with sound on sound
  • Built-in drum machine with CD quality PCM sounds, with expression pedal
  • 72 presets: 36 factory & 36 user presets, Big backlit TFT LCD ( 160 x 128 ).
  • New generation 32-bit DSP, High Performance 24 Bit/ 48kHz AD/DA convertors
  • Floor-based bass multi-effects processor with easy analog control
  • Killer COSM Compressor/Limiter and Drive effects, plus T-Wah, Slow Gear and Defretter
  • Innovative Sound Hold function for sustaining a low note while playing on top
  • Sound On Sound recording with new Kick Drum effect for keeping time
  • Dedicated knobs for each effect section - no menu-surfing!


If you buy a quality, top of the line multi effects pedal from a reliable brand and pay top dollar for it, you can be assured that it will perform to your liking.

Some price-conscious users seek out the cheapest products in the market to save money. These users want to make sure they get the best value at the lowest price without being scammed.

Other users simply want to get the best products and don’t care much about price.

We rated our top multi effects pedal list based on the quality first and only then price. So if you’re not sure whether you can afford an item, just click “Buy on Amazon” and check the price.

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