Best Headphone Amp For Sennheiser HD650

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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this:

Buying the best headphone amp for sennheiser hd650 can be a challenge.

It can seem like there are hundreds or even thousands of consumer electronics products to choose from but there’s nothing that fits your specific needs. Oh, we know that feeling.

Best Headphone Amp For Sennheiser HD650
Best Headphone Amp For Sennheiser HD650
DarkVoice 336SE Headphone Tube Amplifier
  • Tube Used : 6N8P, 6N5P
  • Frequency: +/-1dB 10Hz~20kHz
  • Distortion: <=2% Output impedance: 32 to 600 ohm

It sucks when you’ve got a budget to fit in and you want to find something that would be the best bang for the buck, but it’s impossible to narrow down the choices without spending hours (sometimes tens of hours) on research and reading the reviews on the best headphone amp.

We decided that it’s time for robots to do the hard work. Here’s how:

  1. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we analyzed hundreds of thousands (no kidding) of reviews from verified owners on Amazon and reputable expert sources like Consumer Reports, The Wirecutter, PCmag, and many others.
  2. Every product got its own rating in each category (like “best something for sennheiser hd650”).
  3. We compiled lists of the best products in every category and created lists like the one you can see below
  4. We shared them with the public, so you guys could make informed decisions and save time.

For this article about the Best Headphone Amp For Sennheiser HD650 we reviewed and evaluated more than 180+ headphone amps. The AI (artificial) selected only those that received the top award. Only winners are listed below. You can see the highest overall rating of each item and a comprehensive breakdown of its characteristics.

Best Headphone Amp For Sennheiser HD650 – Comparison Table

headphone amp Reviews and Buying Guide

With more choices than ever, it can be hard to find the headphone amp that’s right for you. And it can be frustrating to shop for the best headphone amp for sennheiser hd650, hoping to find the one that can help you. But don’t worry. With our tools and guides, we can help.

We provide consumers with the information they need to get the most out of their new purchases. We’ve discussed our favorite deals and services, and sorted out the strengths and weaknesses of each variation. We’ve even pinpointed what makes a good headphone amp, helping you identify and avoid the pitfalls of price gimmicks and overpriced consumer electronics brands.

  • Maximum output (Po): 220 mW @ 300 ohm; 950 mW @ 32 (Standard) / 630 mW @ 300 ohm; 1900 mW @ 32 (Balance) / S/N ratio:113 dB
  • Input: Built-in DAC input unbalanced (RCA) input switchable
  • Output: 2 standard headphone jacks / 1 set of balanced headphone jacks
  • Applicable voltage:100-120 V or 220-230 V switchable / Power consumption:18 W
  • USB port supports 44.1K-384K/16-32Bit PCM, native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DoP64, DoP128, as well as optical and SPDIF inputs up to 192kHz/24Bit.
162 Reviews
  • Featuring the AK4490 delta-sigma DAC and DC-coupled output, Modi 3 delivers great sound for its price.
  • Plug Modi 3 into any virtually any computer with the included USB to micro cable and you’re ready to go.
  • Use the included wall power supply when connecting to an optical or coaxial digital source or when you connect to your phones and tablets that need a low-power-draw device.
  • Select different inputs by using the toggle switch conveniently located on the front. On the back, you'll find Coaxial SPDIF, Optical SPDIF, and USB inputs, and single-ended RCA output.
  • Modi 3 ships with a USB to Micro USB cable and a universal 5V USB wall power adapter
851 Reviews
  • Specially designed acoustic silk ensures precision damping over the entire frequency range and helps to reduce THD to an incredible 0.05 percent
  • Improved frequency response is 10 39,500 Hertz ( 10 dB)
  • Hand selected matched driver elements; Highly optimized magnet systems for minimum harmonic and inter modulation distortion
  • High power neodymium magnets deliver maximum efficiency ; 3.5 millimeter jack plug.Frequency response (Headphones):10 41000 Hz
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils for very fast transient response
  • Cable length 118 inches
649 Reviews
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response
  • Neodymium ferrous magnets maintain optimum sensitivity and excellent dynamics
  • Sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and gray
  • High quality open metal mesh earpiece covers
  • Detachable, Kevlar reinforced oxygen free copper cable with very low handling noise
  • Connectivity technology : Wired
62 Reviews
  • Tube Used : 6N8P, 6N5P
  • Frequency: +/-1dB 10Hz~20kHz
  • Distortion: <=2% Output impedance: 32 to 600 ohm
  • Power handling capacity: 1W
  • Output terminal: 6.3mm Stereo Jack
848 Reviews
  • 32-Bit SABRE DAC
  • 2.1v Output Drives Almost Any Headphones
  • Works With Apple and Android devices when paired with a simple adapter
  • Plays everything from MP3s to 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution files
  • This versatile DAC improves everything – detail transparency immediacy richness tone
145 Reviews
  • Authentic Chord Mojo that is entirely designed and manufactured in Great Britain. All Mojo devices come with a 12 month warranty by Chord Electronics Limited in the United Kingdom.
  • Mojo, the ultimate DAC/Headphone Amplifier for your smartphone, iPhone or Android. Simply connect Mojo to your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac, plug in your headphones and you can experience crystal clear audio the way you would hear it in the recording studio.
  • Inside Mojo is a massively powerful headphone amplifier that will deliver crystal clear audio whether you use in-ear buds or large studio cans, it will even play almost any audio file that you can find, up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256. Thanks to the latest Li-Po technology, Mojo is able to charge to full in only four hours and will give between eight to ten hours continuous use.
  • Mojo plays all files from 32kHz to 768kHz and even DSD 256. With two 3.5mm analogue outputs you and a friend can listen too! Mojo is fully automatic and remembers its last used settings. Its case is precision machined from a single solid block of aluminum.
  • You may think that good quality headphones are the be all and end all, but they are just the beginning. By using Mojo between your smartphone and headphones you can experience crystal clear audio the way you would hear it in the recording studio.
33 Reviews
  • This multi-dimensional premium amplifying device exceeds all your music listening needs as a HIGH-END DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER, A REFERENCE QUALITY HEADPHONE AMP & A STEREO PREAMP to connect audio sources & speakers for a complete home theater system!
  • DEDICATED HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER – Borrows powerful technologies from the Reference Series like the HDAM-SA2 circuit with three gain settings (Low/Mid/High) and supports a wider range of headphones, even the most demanding ones (up to 600 ohms with ease)
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIONS – Plug in any audio source (CD player, gaming console or music player) or stream music via your Laptop, desktop or smartphone using the provided digital and analog inputs or the 2 USB ports
  • ELEGANT, RETRO & TIMELESS – The classy wood-pattern sides & top aluminum panel in black finish looks stunning in your bookshelf, cabinet or TV console! The unit sits on stylish extra rigid feet that further eliminate vibrations
  • Marantz’s attention to detail in designing PREMIUM HOME ENTERTAINMENT AUDIO SYSTEMS is evident in the HD-CAD1. It comes with A JITTER REMOVER FOR DETAILED ACOUSTIC ACCURACY, so you get best sound and stereo listening experience ever imagined!
417 Reviews
  • The D1 is a premium 24-bit DAC and headphone amplifier for your computer, TV, allowing you to bypass your computer’s sound card or headphone output and send audio through USB or optical.
  • FEATURES High-performance DAC and headphone amp, USB and optical inputs, stream bit-perfect 24/96 HD audio, desktop or portable DAC, use with Mac or PC, no driver to install.
  • WORKS WITH Mac, Windows, and Linux Computers—plug-and-play with USB. Any TOSLINK Optical connection from CD/DVD Players, TVs, and more! Powered speakers, Stereo/AV Receivers, and your favorite headphones.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: D1 24-bit DAC/Headphone Amp, 2 foot USB cable, setup guide, microfiber bag.
  • WARRANTY: Audioengine builds quality audio equipment that they stand behind. All Audioengine products come with a 3-year transferable warranty.
1,046 Reviews
  • DAC Chip¡ªThe Internal DAC chip is a PCM102 and can handle PCM files up to 24-bit/96 kHz while improving audio quality via a linear filter, reduced delay and internal silence on changing tracks, and no phase shifts.
  • LOW NOISE FLOOR ¡ª The unit has an optimized low-pass filter and selectable bass boost circuit that are designed for a low noise floor in all states.
  • CONNECTION VARIETY ¡ª The variety of connections include a front-panel 1/8¡± headphone jack, a rear-panel 1/8¡± line output, and a rear-panel coaxial digital output, which allows you to send your digital audio to another destination.
  • USB CONNECTION ¡ª Connects to your laptop via its micro USB connection, which also provides it with power.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN ¡ª A sleek, brushed aluminum shell and chassis allow for durable, portable use.
95 Reviews
  • High-resolution USB DAC for Apple/Android/PC/Mac
  • ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018-K2M DAC chip
  • Two gain settings for optimal headphone matching
  • Mobile power bank for charging your phone
  • Note: This is not the same product as the newer HA-2SE.
137 Reviews
  • Powerful Tube sound for Audio players
  • Class A Headphone Amplifier with Aluminum case to help dissipate heat
  • All required input/output jacks for connection to any audio source (ipod, laptop, iphone etc)
  • Small and powerful. Looks great as well
220 Reviews
  • Delivers a smooth, non-fatiguing sound with no hint of dynamic compression or imaging fuzz
  • Adds in user-tweaking options such as two gain switches to delivery maximum compatibility with all headphones, regardless of impedance or sensitivity
  • Wider range of driver tube-rolling, including the EF92, CV131, WE403A/B, 5654, M8100, CV4010, EF95, 6JI as well as all equivalents to these vacuum tubes
  • Power Tubes: 2x Soviet 6H6N
31 Reviews
  • Symmetrical signal processing from input to output for both digital and analog inputs.
  • Short signal paths featuring premium components insure resolution, detail and dynamic integrity.
  • Simultaneous operation with up to four dynamic, high-impedance headphones, two via four pin XLR input and two via high-quality 6.35 mm (1/4”) jacks.
  • Precision engineered Burr-Brown DAC with 24/192 resolution. Frequency response: 0.3 Hz to 100 kHz. THD, total harmonic distortion: < -110 dB (1 kHz / maximum gain)
  • XLR (AES/EBU), optical, coaxial (S/PDIF) and USB digital inputs (2.0 / 3.0), XLR and RCA analog inputs, XLR output. Unit ships without AC power cord.
34 Reviews
  • Flexible, Powerful, and pocket-able
  • Convenient Analog and Digital connectivity meets powerful digital audio conversion/amplification circuitry
  • Supporting up to 384 kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD (2.8/5.6) sources, for immersive and pocket-able Hi-Fi. Frequency response 10–100 kHz
  • Compatible with USB Audio, PCM 384 kHz/32-bit, DSD


If you buy a quality, top of the line headphone amp from a reliable brand and pay top dollar for it, you can be assured that it will perform to your liking.

Some price-conscious users seek out the cheapest products in the market to save money. These users want to make sure they get the best value at the lowest price without being scammed.

Other users simply want to get the best products and don’t care much about price.

We rated our top headphone amp list based on the quality first and only then price. So if you’re not sure whether you can afford an item, just click “Buy on Amazon” and check the price.

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