Best Antifreeze For Bmw

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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this:

Buying the best antifreeze for bmw can be a challenge.

It can seem like there are hundreds or even thousands of automotive products to choose from but there’s nothing that fits your specific needs. Oh, we know that feeling.

Best Antifreeze For Bmw
Best Antifreeze For Bmw
Zerex G05 Phosphate Free Antifreeze/Coolant 1 GA
  • Automaker approved technology. Provides protection for 5 years / 150,000 miles in light duty applications and 3 years / 300,000 miles in heavy duty applications
  • Formulated for long life performance
  • Low-silicate, low-pH and phosphate-free formula

It sucks when you’ve got a budget to fit in and you want to find something that would be the best bang for the buck, but it’s impossible to narrow down the choices without spending hours (sometimes tens of hours) on research and reading the reviews on the best antifreeze.

We decided that it’s time for robots to do the hard work. Here’s how:

  1. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we analyzed hundreds of thousands (no kidding) of reviews from verified owners on Amazon and reputable expert sources like Consumer Reports, The Wirecutter, PCmag, and many others.
  2. Every product got its own rating in each category (like “best something for bmw”).
  3. We compiled lists of the best products in every category and created lists like the one you can see below
  4. We shared them with the public, so you guys could make informed decisions and save time.

For this article about the Best Antifreeze For Bmw we reviewed and evaluated more than 180+ antifreezes. The AI (artificial) selected only those that received the top award. Only winners are listed below. You can see the highest overall rating of each item and a comprehensive breakdown of its characteristics.

Best Antifreeze For Bmw – Comparison Table

antifreeze Reviews and Buying Guide

With more choices than ever, it can be hard to find the antifreeze that’s right for you. And it can be frustrating to shop for the best antifreeze for bmw, hoping to find the one that can help you. But don’t worry. With our tools and guides, we can help.

We provide consumers with the information they need to get the most out of their new purchases. We’ve discussed our favorite deals and services, and sorted out the strengths and weaknesses of each variation. We’ve even pinpointed what makes a good antifreeze, helping you identify and avoid the pitfalls of price gimmicks and overpriced automotive brands.

16 Reviews
  • OEM Approval - Meets requirements of GM DEXCOOL under the GM6277M specification
  • Wide service application - Recommended for use in Domestic, Asian and European automotive and light duty truck applications including newer hybrid vehicles
  • Heat Transfer - Improved heat transfer when compared to silicate containing antifreeze/coolant products
  • Contains ethylene glycol and 40 mg/kg denatonium benzoate
  • Origin: USA
170 Reviews
  • The exact Original Equipment Manufacturer fluid that your vehicle came with; add directly to anti-freeze in radiator, in amounts indicated on label
  • 50/50 premix - no need to add water
  • Coolant has advanced formulation for aluminum and cast iron engine parts
  • Contains no amines or silicates which may harm water pump seals
  • Contains no borates that may cause aluminum corrosion and pitting
294 Reviews
  • 1 Gallon bottle
  • Never remove the radiator or expansion tank cap from a hot engine
  • Ethylene glycol-based
  • Provides protection for metals such as cast iron, steel and aluminum
  • Contains Bittering agent
296 Reviews
  • Single Quantity
  • No Core Charge Req.
  • Weight: 9.29lbs
  • Contains a bittering agent
47 Reviews
  • Single Quantity
  • No Core Charge Req.
  • Weight: 9.34lbs
  • Contains a bittering agent
496 Reviews
  • Engine Ice hi-performance coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free and non-toxic, typically reduces operating race temperatures and effectively keeping boil over temperatures to 256° Fahrenheit or less and freeze-up protection to -26° Fahrenheit
  • With an average reduction in operating temperatures of 10° Fahrenheit - 20° Fahrenheit Engine Ice is perfect for racing or street, motorcycle or auto, ATV or snow machine
  • Engine Ice hi-performance coolant is legal in CCS and ASRA road racing and permitted at many tracks around the world. Easy to Use – Premixed with deionized water for out-of-the-bottle use.
  • Engineered to keep your operating temperatures at optimum performance to not lose power through excess heat; Engine Ice is safe for aluminum and most all metals
  • Uses propylene glycol, which has been proven to eliminate water pump gasket and seal failures; it has also shown in high load, high stress conditions to reduce operating temperatures more than standard coolants
245 Reviews
  • Genuine Mopar 10 Year/ 150,000 Mile Coolant
  • 1 50/50 Prediluted Gallon
  • Contains a bittering agent
216 Reviews
  • Automaker approved technology. Provides protection for 5 years / 150,000 miles in light duty applications and 3 years / 300,000 miles in heavy duty applications
  • Formulated for long life performance
  • Low-silicate, low-pH and phosphate-free formula
  • Helps protect all cooling system metals, including aluminum
114 Reviews
  • Orange-colored, longer-life, ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant for use in gasoline and diesel engines
  • Provides year-round antifreeze, anti-boil and corrosion protection
  • 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water provides freeze protection down to -34°F (-37°C) and boiling protection up to 265°F (129°C)
  • Do not mix different colors or types of coolant in your vehicle
  • Contains a bittering agent
77 Reviews
  • Contains a bittering agent
  • Fomulated to protect aluminum parts
205 Reviews
  • Specifically designed for all modern, classic, and vintage gasoline-powered vehicles, light duty Diesels, LP and CNG vehicles
  • Has a boiling point of 375 DegreeF and will not vaporize, eliminating boilover and after-boil Generates low vapor pressures, prevents coolant loss, and reduces strain on cooling system components
  • Contains no water, effectively eliminating corrosion, liner and water pump cavitation erosion Minimizes the potential for corrosion and electrolysis issues, and reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates pre-ignition and engine knock caused by overheating, improving combustion efficiency to deliver more power and improved fuel economy
  • During installation ensure that all of old water-based coolant and water is removed before installing this product
178 Reviews
  • Easily tests for anti-freeze/anti-boil protection
  • Allows visual inspection for rust and sediment
  • Provides a quick and easy method to safely collect a sample and measure coolant concentration
  • Helps in ensuring good corrosion protection
  • Assists in preventing freeze-ups and boil-overs


If you buy a quality, top of the line antifreeze from a reliable brand and pay top dollar for it, you can be assured that it will perform to your liking.

Some price-conscious users seek out the cheapest products in the market to save money. These users want to make sure they get the best value at the lowest price without being scammed.

Other users simply want to get the best products and don’t care much about price.

We rated our top antifreeze list based on the quality first and only then price. So if you’re not sure whether you can afford an item, just click “Buy on Amazon” and check the price.

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