About KickTheGrind.TV


Hi! We’re the team behind KickTheGrind.TV and we’re here to help you!

KickTheGrind.tv is a data-driven AI recommendation system that is designed to help you with your shopping experience.

let the robots do the work

With so much information available for each product, it becomes impossible to keep up. Amazon reviews, blogs, expert reviews, Reddit, forums. You’ll need to spend tens and sometimes hundreds of hours of research to find the right one.

We at KickTheGrind decided that it’s time for machines to do all the hard work, and let the humans do the decisions. Our algorithm is designed to replicate a normal product research process and narrow down the list of products to about 10 items.

How our system works

We automatically gather different parameters for products in every category and feed the data to our AI bot. Here’s a quick list of what data we find and analyze:

  • Product features
  • Price/Value ratio
  • Verified owners’ reviews on Amazon
  • Experts’ reviews scores on industry-leading blogs
  • Reviews on Reddit and forums
  • Etc.

Then our system analyzes the given data and the sentiment behind the reviews and each product gets its own score. We then rank the products based on the score.

That’s it. Now it’s up to you to choose the product that fits your needs and budget.